LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas/ Propane & Butane) has the advantage of clean burning, high heating value and the fact that it can be kept liquid (i.e. at a very low volume when compared to the volume of the gas) by holding it slightly pressurerized. There are many designs and sizes of such pressure tanks from the oneway lighter to LPG tankers. This article looks at the production of steel cylinders as widely used for cooking gas in the household kitchen. These cylinders are being produced continuously as the existing stock deteriorates during use, either by mechanical damage, corrosion or simply by aging until - even after refurbishment - the safety-standard is quite tricky.

Safety and Standards

Because the contents are under pressure and are sometimes hazardous, there are special safety regulations for handling bottled gases. These include chaining bottles to prevent falling and breaking, proper ventilation to prevent injury or death in case of leaks and signage to indicate the potential hazards. Installing and replacing gas cylinders should be done by trained personnel. If a compressed gas cylinder tips over, causing the valve block to be sheared off, the rapid release of high pressure gas may cause the cylinder to be violently accelerated, potentially causing property damage, injury, or death. To prevent this, cylinders are normally secured to a fixed object or transport cart with a strap or chain.

Cylinders are properly labeled and securely stored. Substances that may react with each other, e.g., oxidizers and flammable materials, aren't stored in close proximity.


The production process of LPG cylinders can be sub-divided into lines for the main body, for the subcomponents (which could also be outsourced), assembly, surface treatment and finishing.


LPG household cylinders consist of two shells, each forming one half of the egg-shaped tank. The rim of the lower shell is drawn in ("joggled"), so that it fits inside the upper half and the upper half has a hole in the center of the dome to accomodate the valve neck or bung.


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