Oil industries have studied the demand for LPG cylinders and as per the study done in 2006, the population of the country based on 2001 census was 120 crores, approximately 30 crore families. But the LPG connection are given only for 1.53 crore families. Oil industries could not meet the demand due to shortage of gas as well as cylinders.

Many multinationals and major industries like Reliance, SPIC, ELF and Caltex are doing parallel marketing of LPG in India. They have been planning for huge investments to catch the 140 crores population of India by the next decade.

Customer Concern

Our commitment to quality of our product and reliability in services gained us unparalleled reputation amongst the centrifuged manufacturers. It is an appreciable fact that we have never received any complaint regarding quality of our products. We reckon every customer as a partner in the larger perspective. We work in partnership for the benefit of both the parties concerned. We always recognize the right of our customers and our duties are determined accordingly. Their needs are given prompt attention and utmost care. A long-term honest relation is maintained with them. Thus we could always maintain a strong rapport with our customers.


Alampally Brothers Limited is the only LPG cylinder manufacturing company functioning from Kerala. The demand for LPG new cylinders in Kerala for the current year comes to around 15 lakhs cylinders where as the installed capacity of the company is only 3.60 lakhs cylinders, of which only the half of the production capacity is utilized so far. Hence the Oil companies have to depend the supply of manufacturers from other states for meeting the demand for cylinders in Kerala, which is costly for them in times of price and delivery period.

The new policies of the government in releasing LPG connections has created huge demand for LPG cylinders and currently the manufacturers find it difficult to meet the growing demands. Hence there is enough room left for cylinder manufacturers to produce and sell their product.